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Kakashi's dogs by HollowThinker

Goodness, I didn't expect to see this pack with a critique label on it. But to get it out of the way, I haven't really seen them drawn ...

cerebella school girl by chompompcharly

: D Ah, another good transition! I LOVE how you kept her original costume partially intact. The skirt and stockings in paricular invoke...

filisa and samson by chompompcharly

Because this is but a sketch, I shall critique it for its design, and I ask you to please leave the score of Technique out of my final ...

Smile Pretty by HollowThinker

Quite an interesting subject for the first painting I've seen thus far. Undiluted Anguish. I think i shall forgo categories. The brush ...


I have but two things to say; Firstly, I have another account where I've been for the past half-year or so; :icontheveryfirstthing:
I was in a  very rough spot when I made it, and really don't care if what I did is found anymore. : 3 So, yay for me I suppose.
I am linking them because it's quite damning to have two different accounts at once. .-. Tough to manage yer time.
But yeah. I'm actually taking free requests there. :3 Any and all are accepted! ^c^

And besides that, I'll probably (PROBABLY) be more active in general. I finally have my next year planned out, and have mostly adjusted to my new lifestyle.
Herhm, new. XD I've been like this for six months, grarmble. o,o
But yesh. u3u I want to get back into writing! I want to learn how to draw, if I can find some tutor. Hands kinda hurt when I do, carpal tunnel. .-. So unless I find someone who's a physical, tutor, it isn't worth the damage to my hands. XP
But, yeah. ^ u ^ How have you been, friends who are seeing this?
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  • Listening to: Les vegas.
  • Reading: Marrow.
  • Watching: Mushishi.
  • Playing: USF$. game_boy-619 if ya wanna fight.
  • Eating: I don't know yet.
  • Drinking: Water!


joseppe619's Profile Picture
Joseph Benjamin Candela.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Greetings! Welcome to my profile!
I am Joseph benjamin Candela, Writer/Otaku/Critic.
And if you're reading this, then chances are you're an artist.
Most likely a drawer. Those are quite widespread, thankfully.
Or perhaps a writer? The rarer variety, I suppose.
But truly, any sort of art will do. For I am a critic above all else, happily rating the best and worst this site has to offer.
And YOU are invited to be my client, dear sir/madam/other.
You need only ask me to critique your work, and I shall.
No questions asked. -w-
For I love what I do, and seeing art makes my heart leap gleefully.
I also do a bit of art myself. Photography, writing, and occasionally drawings.
And that's that. A little about myself is customary, no?

I like to write. Anything. Movie reviews, game reviews, anime reviews...And Philosophical statements, too. I love anime, of course. And Manga. And Karate. I also love people who are nerdy and shy. I work well with them. I love critiqueing artwork. I would love to draw if I didn't have Carpal tunnel... I love Video games, but especially fighting games. I love nice, accepting people. I love people who can suspend their sense of disbelief. I love people with vivid imaginations. I love people who understand Nietsche's white screen principle. I love Roleplaying. I love horror in concentrated doses. I love surreality. I Love teaching people things. I love reading. I love riding my bicycle. I love using japanese words in place of english words. I love music in all forms. I love being challenged. I love Drama. I love rambling about things. I love roller coasters.

Dislikes... MOST OF ALL... I HATE PEOPLE WHO JUDGE PEOPLE IMMEDIATELY. BASED OFF OF ANYTHING. You don't know until you try, at least most of the time.


I hate people who see anime as one big perverted mess. Which includes most people I know, unfortunately. It's not like that, I say! But thay never listen...

I hate people who won't let me finish a debate. I see this a lot. Some authority figure will make a mistake, and I make a great argument. But they'll say "STOP RAMBLING AND DO SOMETHING ELSE." Just gimme a chance!

I dislike those who think a high self-opinion is arrogance. IT'S NOT.

I dislike it when people make a conclusion on people based on one or two actions..
I'm really awkward around people, so they assume I'm some weirdo...But I'm not! I'm just awkward. Heck, if a guy was holding a knife and a gun, I'd ask him if he was a robber first. Not because I'm stupid, but maybe he just needs help. Maybe he just needs a few bucks for the road.

I hate arrogance. Not high self opinion. Put it this way. I love myself. I am perfectly content with who I am. But does that make me a narcissist? NO! I don't let it affect my ego!

I dislike people who hold grudges. This is one of my strengths, too. I see no reason to feel bitter about ANY sin. I see sin as a disease that temprarily forced you to do something.
So, if I steal a cookie, and say I didn't mean it, then I DIDN'T MEAN IT. Because I wasn't myself. Sin had controlled me.

I dislike it when people use words for no reason. LOL, XD, that stuff.Not the words themselves, just the overuse. If you laugh at everything, then it becomes meaningless! Actually, I have one more..

I dislike people who just don't think about things. Have you ever heard the phrase every child is special?.
Well, when does a child stop being special? At 7? 8? 10? There is no answer. So that means that every adult is special too. And if everyone is special, then it's absolutely meaningless! But nobody thinks about it..
Nobody stops to think anymore...
And that's why the world is going down the toilet, I think.

Miscellaneous... I'm 18 years of age, and damn ugly. :I
I LOVE to solve people's problems. If you ever feel down, depressed, or blue, you can ask me my opinion on the matter. No matter what it is.
I cant promise accuracy, but in my experience, sad artists draw less, and crappier.
I LOVE to RP, even if I'm mediocre at it. Just note me if you wanna. ;3
I occasionally stop making sense.

I have a facebook at!/candelaboy… and a Tumblr at
I also have a Skype at JoseppetheCritic, as well.

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